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Cavere® Care


The successful Cavere® Care bathroom series sets standards in the furnishing of ergonomic sanitary facilities, with barrier-free comfort in every area – in care facilities, public and semi-public sanitary facilities and private bathrooms. The series was developed by NORMBAU together with C. F. Møller Architects.

Seamless, soft-edge radii on the wall mounts underscore the emotional design, which charmingly accentuates the aesthetic of the barrier-free bathroom. With its large variety of accessories, the newly developed Cavere® FlexCare rail system adds even more comfort and flexibility to the bathroom. But the bathroom series’ typical features remain intact. Such as the triangular profile of the trigonometric handle contours, the scratch-resistant powder coating, and the antibacterial protection.

Shower area

Premium security

Also featured in the ergonomics of the shower support rails is the trigonometric handle contour, offering a secure grip that is pleasant to the touch.

Cavere® Care shower support rails come with L-fastener as well as with new, single-point mount with reduced design. Individual design accents can be set this way that can either match the look of the accessory series or mirror the mounts of the shower head rails, grab bars and grab rails.

By hooking onto the shower support rail, it is extremely easy to mount and remove the Cavere® lift-up seat.

The simple and reliable mounting technology of the support and handrails ensures that installation effort is kept to a minimum. The durable antibacterial powder coating makes cleaning and care of the surfaces especially easy.




WC area

Ergonomics and design

A distinctive feature of the series is the ergonomically designed trigonometric handle contour. It provides a reliable support to lean on and be grasped at the WC and in the shower. Serving as bearing element here are the brackets running flat along the wall, which transition seamlessly into the trigonometric design of the handles.

With the Vario base plate as wall bracket, lift-up rails can be quickly mounted and removed. This allows WCs to be quickly and easily converted from barrier-free to normal toilet and back again.

You will find more information about the Vario System in an in-depth interview with our engineering team!







Barrier-free bathrooms – stylish, elegant and ergonomic

An overview of the main features of the series:

  • Distinctive: The trigonometric handle contour conforms to the grasping motion, promoting a feeling of security.
  • Versatile: The modern and minimalist Scandinavian design integrates harmoniously into your own individual bathroom setting.
  • Variety: Trendy and timeless surfaces ranging from metallic to matt, and from cool to warm colour tones.
  • Emotional: Gently-rounded soft-edge radii on the wall mounts.
  • Convenience: The Cavere® FlexCare wall rail system comes with a variety of accessories.
  • Variable: Vario base plate for quick mounting and removal of barrier-free furnishings.
  • Hygienic: Surfaces furnished with hygienic Antibac antibacterial protection.
  • Secure: Tested and certified for heavy loads.
  • Durable: 5 year warranty on functionality and durability.



Everything about the Vario System!

Normbau Vario System: Flexible use of barrier-free bathrooms. Lena and Daniel are telling more about the Vario System and it is the perfect match for every barrier-free bathroom.

Cavere® Care and Cavere FlexCare  360-degree experience.



Wash basin area

Stylish harmony


The unique Cavere® Care design concept is reiterated in the wash basins. The gentle radii of the basin interior echo the trigonometric contour of Cavere®.

The design of the wheelchair-accessible basin satisfies the needs found in barrier-free bathrooms. They offer a good balance between contour and support assistance, which give ergonomic security and comfort when pulling oneself closer. The generous free space offers room for cosmetic and care articles and convenient support for the arms. The grips on the sides also double as towel holders.

Cavere® FlexCare: Flexibility for the greatest comfort


The modular and flexible Cavere® FlexCare wall rail system enhances comfort in the barrier-free bathroom. Versatile accessories can be hooked onto, individually positioned, and locked in place on the Cavere® FlexRail as load-bearing component.

The centrepiece of the series is the flexible Cavere® FlexTray. It consists of a tray, supported by a swivel arm. The tray can be swivelled out and positioned freely within a radius of 600 mm. This allows you to easily access everything you need for daily body care with ergonomic ease. When pushed back against the wall, the tray covers the swivel arm and makes it virtually invisible.

The Cavere® FlexCare assortment

  • FlexRail – wall rail in three lengths: 300, 660 and 900 mm
  • FlexTray – Tray with swivel arm, projects 600 mm, swivel range 180°, load capacity max. 4 kg
  • FlexSoap dispenser
  • FlexSoap dish
  • FlexWalking aid holder
  • FlexTowel holder in the two sizes 450 and 600 mm
  • FlexShelve in the lengths 290, 400 and 590 mm
  • FlexHook, triple



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