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Special products for obese people


For special requirements on strength and security, tailored solutions are called for. That is why we developed a range of products under the Nylon Care series that is specifically optimised for obese people.


Special solutions with the greatest security and strength


The special products are all tested with a support load of 300 kg – the perfect solution for the extreme demands in daily clinic and care facility routine. The special solutions here always provide a strong sense of security.

To enhance this even more, NORMBAU’s Antibac antibacterial protection integrated in the surface of the products is also optionally available.


Special solutions for clinics and care facilities


Obesity is something that affects many people, and is thus a challenge care staff must face every day. Special products from NORMBAU with enhanced support load offer the necessary measure of security here. In everyday care they are becoming increasingly important, because in Germany and other western industrial countries obesity is becoming ever more common.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), people with a body mass index over 30 are considered obese. In Germany, every second person is overweight, and of that some 20 percent are obese; i.e. they are affected by increased body fat beyond what is normal.


Developed and tested for the highest demands


The highest strength is guaranteed by the corrosion-resistant steel core. Thus the special products for obese people satisfy the higher demands in the care sector, and exceed the critical loads stipulated in risk management many times over.

For optimum security our special solutions are permanently tested under extreme conditions. The products are also optionally available with the Antibac antibacterial protection, which enhances the hygiene standards even more.



Forensic and psychiatric institutions place enhanced safety requirements on the entire facility, including in the sanitary area. As preventatives for people with mental illnesses, NORMBAU offers a selection of PSY products with suicide-inhibiting features.

The points where they are fastened on walls and ceilings are designed to release before reaching a maximum load of 25 kg. This effectively prevents suicide attempts. The products are optimised in terms of strength and durability. When they fall, the products are not damaged and can be reused again. The optional Antibac antibacterial protection contributes to further improve hygiene standards.



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