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Nylon Care 300


The NORMBAU Nylon 300 and 400 bathroom series have been successfully established for years. In the development of the Verso Care product series they acted as prototype, and have a range of features and benefits in common with it. Thanks to the numerous products, components and accessory articles with their clever design solutions, the Nylon furnishing series allow barrier-free bathroom planning made to measure.

The modern clarity of form has an appealing and timeless quality, and harmonises with every bathroom design. The high quality polyamide with steel core stands for stability and durability. Where they differ is in the way the wall mounts are solved: Nylon 300 and 400 use a rosette, Verso Care a single-point mount.

Shower Area


In the shower, lift-up seats allow secure and comfortable body care. Even the look of the shower support rails, shower head rails and ceiling supports harmonises perfectly in the bathroom facility as a whole.

The stylish furnishings are complemented by many useful accessories. And when retrofitting existing bathrooms, the available fixing sets offer helpful assistance.




WC Area


For the Nylon 300 and 400 series, no detail related to functional and comfortable bathroom furnishing was left unconsidered.

Lift-up support rails, if desired with paper roll holder or Antibac coating for more hygiene, enhance the sense of personal security in the WC area.

Comfort and security for the WC and shower

"A brand new experience, creating a new bathroom feeling!!"


Steffen Walter, Head of Engineering

Nylon Care 400


The clear reiterating forms with their appealing and timeless quality is what makes the Nylon 300 and 400 series so distinctive. With the many available colours, they are at home in every bathroom, whether in a private setting or care facilities, clinics and other semi-public or public areas. Because of the special grip zones on lift-up support rails, handrails, grab rails and grab bars, which offer a better grip through a non-slip textured surface, Nylon 400 offers enhanced security.

Handrails and handles are made with a full corrosion-resistant steel core inside, and typical rosette as wall mount. They can be supplied in standard lengths or made to measure. Because of the security and stability they offer the Nylon series are particularly popular in the care sector.


Extensive assortment of accessories for fully furnished bathrooms


With an extensive assortment of accessories, the Nylon 300 and 400 series can be expanded to complete, functional and aesthetically optimised bathroom settings. Pretty much everything imaginable that could make your stay in the bathroom ergonomic and comfortable is available. Dispensers for hygiene bags, cosmetic tissues and folded paper towels provide a sense of hygiene security.

Even within the WC Area


Around the toilet, matching WC brushes, toilet paper and spare roll holders are available. With the shelves, soap dishes and towel holders at the wash basin, everything you need is within easy reach. Mirrors and mirror lamps ensure good visibility for daily care routines. Furnishings in the shower can be supplemented by various shelves. Waste bins, hooks and clothes hangers, as well as pictograms complete the range. There is even a bathroom ventilator with matching design.

Clear reasons for our Polymere/Nylon Portfolio


  • Proven: Successfully established bathroom series with great versatility and flexibility
  • Clever: Detailed solutions for different requirements
  • Ergonomic security: Textured grip zones on Nylon 400
  • Variety: Large colour selection
  • Extensive: Matching accessories for complete bathroom furnishings
  • Hygienic: Surfaces optionally furnished with hygienic Antibac antibacterial protection
  • Secure: Tested and certified for heavy loads
  • Durable: 5 year warranty on functionality and durability

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