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Design meets Function:

The new Care Washbasin


A new standard for care washbasins


Developed to meet the demanding requirements of the care sector, our new Care washbasin combines functionality, comfort and stylish design.  





Experience the perfect combination of functionality,

safety and design with the new Care washbasin!


Large filling volume 


With a generous filling volume of 11 liters, it is ideal for care applications directly at the washing area. 




Thanks to its wheelchair accessibility in accordance with DIN & ÖNORM, it is easily accessible with a wheelchair. 




Safety comes first: two integrated grab rails, which also serve as towel rails, offer optimum stability. A concealed recessed grip at the front also makes it easier to reach the washbasin. 




The Care washbasin not only impresses with its functionality, but also with its aesthetic design. The clear shapes, gentle radii and smooth surfaces fit seamlessly into any bathroom.  




Made from high-quality, matt-finish cast mineral with a non-porous surface, the washbasin is not only easy to clean but also durable.  


Individually expandable


For even more individuality:
With the Cavere Care accessories, the Care washbasin can be extended to suit individual requirements.

Whether it's a horizontal shower holder for more flexibility when washing, a practical shelf for bathroom utensils
or hooks for towels or clothes, our accessories make care more convenient - and stylish!

Cavere accessories are available in the 5 Cavere colors to suit every taste. 


Cavere Care Accessories 

For even more individuality, flexibility and comfort


Discover the 5 Design Cavere-Colors








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