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Tatyana Mann und Steffen Walter

Normbau Vario System: Flexible use of barrier-free bathrooms


With the Normbau Vario System, barrier-free bathrooms can be flexibly set up and adapted to different requirements with minimal effort. Support and seating aids to assist people with physical disabilities do not have to be permanently installed. Instead, they can be attached and removed again in just a few simple steps, depending on the bathroom user's needs. Normbau product designer Lena Durban and technical project manager Daniel Wiedenhöfer explain the areas of application, advantages and functionality of the system.




"The Vario system simply offers the possibility to pre-equip barrier-free comfort without making aesthetic compromises."

Lena Durban



For which buildings or facilities is the system particularly interesting?

In private bathrooms, the Vario System offers a simple way to pre-equip barrier-free comfort without making aesthetic compromises. In old people's homes, age-appropriate housing complexes or care facilities, the Vario System makes it easy to adapt the bathrooms to the needs of people in different physical conditions.

Hotels can offer considerably more rooms with barrier-free bathrooms, as support or seating aids are only installed for reservations with corresponding requirements. An important area of application are spa clinics, rehabilitation centres or medical wellness facilities where room occupancy changes frequently and which regularly accommodate people with physical disabilities.  The Vario System is therefore also interesting for hospitals.





How exactly does the Vario system work?

The core of the system is a base plate that is permanently mounted on the wall. It can be equipped with folding support and wall support handles, folding shower seats or a shower spray guard. If these functional elements are not required, the plate is fitted with a blind cover. To remove it, a grub screw is loosened at the bottom edge with an Allen key, then the panel can be folded upwards and removed.

The installation of the functional elements is just as simple: hook them into the top of the panel, fold them towards the wall, tighten the threaded pin at the bottom - that's it. The whole process is done in one or two minutes. We have deliberately decided against a completely tool-free assembly, for example with a manually releasable locking mechanism. This prevents accidental or improper removal of the functional element or the cover.



What are the requirements for mounting the base plate?

The requirements for a variable installation are the same as for fixed installation. The wall must be strong enough to meet the requirements of the barrier-free standard DIN 18040, for example. The connection between the panel and the functional element is statically tested according to an internal building standard that significantly exceeds the standard requirements for load-bearing capacity from ISO 17966.

All Normbau products must meet these increased requirements, for example for wall and support hinged handles. and fulfils all normative requirements.


For which standard bathroom series can the Vario system be used?

The system is available for almost all Sanitary Care series. For Cavere Care and Chrome Care, it is available in aluminium with a powder-coated surface in five colours; for Cavere Care Chrome, it is partly chrome-coated. For Inox Care, it is made of stainless steel with a satin finish. For the Verso Care nylon series, the surface is made of highly polished plastic and is available in ten colours. The variety of colours and materials means that the fittings can be discreetly adapted to the interior style and colour scheme of the bathroom.



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