What characterises Verso Care

  Safety by rounded outer edges


  5 years warranty on function and stability


  Shiny surface made of polyamide

  Corrossion resistant, all through steel core 


  The soft close of the Lift up support can be adjusted


  On request with anti-bacterial protection


  Homogeneous surface for ideal cleaning and hygiene


  Base plate vario; easy installation and removal

Self-determined and with style

The Vario foldable grab rail in four lengths is equipped with robust and low-maintenance slide bearing technology as well as an adjustable soft lowering mechanism.


Installation with the NORMBAU Vario base plate makes sanitary rooms versatile, as the handle can be assembled and disassembled in a few simple steps. 

                        Antibacterial hygiene protection / Vario-System

Antibac for safety


NORMBAU uses silver ions to enhance the resource-saving application technology of Antibac. The master batch is incorporated into the polymer structure of the material during the manufacturing process and is thus evenly distributed throughout the product. Protecting the surface against bacteria in this way ensures increased safety by preventing the growth of harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and mould.



  Compatible with Verso lift-up and wall support rails


  High flexibility


  The vario plates facilitates quick change







High level of flexibility


With »vario«, the Verso Care series has added a further basic element of needs-based equipment for barrier-free access. Load-bearing functional parts come complete with the “vario” base plate. This does not only allow a high degree of flexibility in the planning stage but also saves costs. 

Take a seat!

With Verso Care, barrier-free and health care shower areas can be attractively furnished. The shower stool and the folding shower seat enable young and old to have a comfortable and safe shower while seated. Functionality and aesthetics are optimally combined in a convincing way.

                        Verso Care folding Shower Seat & Shower Stool

Comfortable, anti-slip surface  


Load capacity up to 150 kg  


Space-saving when folded up  


Available with floor support for increased safety   


Can be combined with all NORMBAU series  


All information at a glance


For further details about our new Verso Care products simply download the brochure below. Verso Care colors, information on the individual areas of shower, wash basin and toilet but also the antibacterial silver ions are just some of the components.