What characterises Cavere Care

A product for all living situations

Our developers put their heart and soul into these products, which are effective in terms of both function and design.


“Universal Design” describes the aim of NORMBAU: To develop and manufacture products for all living situations and needs, for all requirements and options for participants to have a safe and independent life.

NEW: Seamless, soft-edge radii of the wall mounts

NEW: Single-point wall mounting with high tolerance compensation

NEW: Modulares, flexibles Wandschienensystem Cavere FlexCare

Distinctive trigometric handle contour, that fits the grasping movement and supports an environment of safety

Scratch-resistant  powder coating

Minimalist, modern, Nordic-inspired design

Tested and checked for high load capacity

With antibacterial protection: Antibac

Base plate vario: quick and easy installation and removal

  Trend colours for Cavere

Elegant and durable

The softly shimmering, haptically pleasing surface of Cavere Care highlights the elegant design of the series. Attractive trend tones harmonise with a wide range of different interior styles. An environmentally-friendly powder coating ensures long-lasting durability and makes cleaning easy.


Antibacterial hygiene protection

NORMBAU uses silver ions to enhance the resource-saving application technology of Antibac. The master batch is mixed into the powder coating and evenly applied to the product during the coating process. Protecting the surface against bacteria in this way ensures increased safety by preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and mould.

Application examples Cavere FlexCare

Cavere FlexTray

Wash basin and bathtub

The Cavere FlexTray storage system consists of a tray and an underlying swivel arm. It can be freely swivelled out and positioned in a radius of 600 mm. This allows those who use the bathroom to always have everything in grasping distance, which is important for daily personal care.

The tray has a load capacity of up to 4 kg, making it very durable. Thanks to its clever construction, it overlaps the swivel arm when you slide it back towards the wall, making it virtually invisible.



   Maximum storage 600 mm,


   Swivel radius 180°


   Tray 150 x 300 mm


   Wall mounting or within the FlexRail system


   Positioned onto the  swivel arm


   Load capacity max. 4 kg