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Electronic access control with PegaSys fittings


Security requirements for public and private buildings are constantly growing. Today reliable access solutions that combine modern technical standards such as Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with an appealing aesthetic are in demand.

PegaSys components from NORMBAU satisfy these demands, and with their numerous hardware configurations and partner-specific additions they provide users with a maximum in flexibility.



Electronic fittings – flexible, reliable, secure


Electronic fittings from the PegaSys series cover a whole range of different door scenarios in the building. They can be expanded modularly as you wish, and flexibly adapted to meet changing conditions.

Regardless whether for a private building, hospital, public building or company building complex, the system is conceived so flexibly that it can be easily and cost-effectively configured for the respective need. At the same time the electronic fittings enhance the premium image of any building with their timeless design.


Timeless design – modern technology for access control


Not only is the design timeless, it is also eminently functional. Usually, the existing DIN holes can be used without any problem for quick and easy installation. The 1.8 mm thick stainless steel housing impresses not only aesthetically, but also with its robustness, corrosion-resistance and antibacterial action.

This even makes the electronic fittings suitable for special doors. Interesting fact: A narrow fitting is optionally available to adapt tubular frame doors. Here, existing mortise locks and mechanical lock cylinders can continue to be used without trouble.



Control entering and exiting flexibly with electronic fittings


Another benefit of PegaSys fittings is the two-sided installation. This means both entry and exit from the building can be individually regulated via credentials. Here, both fittings are controlled independently, so that separate authorisations each permit entering and exiting. This allows the implementation of individual security concepts and the tailored control of the access system.

And with the option of configuring the fittings for permanently-open functions for predefined times, even more convenience and security is possible. In addition to RFID technology, NORMBAU also allows the manual input of a pin code.









Electronic lock cylinders: Speed and efficiency are essential to modern security systems

Today, modern security technology can be installed with little effort. Existing doors can be easily and efficiently retrofitted with PegaSys lock cylinders.  Complicated wiring or separate networks are not required. Power is supplied by batteries with a long life.

The proven Network on Card (NoC) technology is supported. The products we supply are compatible with MIFARE and LEGIC readers. NORMBAU offers the electronic lock cylinders in a variety of versions. Outdoor solutions compliant with the IP 66 protection rating are also optionally available.




Security is a valuable commodity. With modern technology, building security systems can be enhanced in efficiency and effectiveness. Electronic lock cylinders from PegaSys are easy to retrofit. They reliably regulate entry and exit from the building, they are future-proof, and they simplify the building’s organisational procedures.



Highlights auf einen Blick:

  • Standard Euro profile cylinder as per DIN 18252 / EN 1303 / DIN EN 15684
  • Certified for use at fire and smoke protection doors
  • Cylinder housing lengths: From 30/30 mm to 70/70 mm (exterior/ interior)
  • 31 mm knob diameter
  • Batteries:  2 x CR2450 3V lithium
  • Battery service life: up to 200,000 bookings and six years standby






Locker lock - Portfolio addition

The electronic locker lock from PegaSys puts an end to the irritating search for locker keys or the replacement of lost keys. It combines reliable security with convenience and easy, user-friendly handling. Credentials (MIFARE, LEGIC) ensure  that only authorised persons can open the lock. Practical: The locker lock is suitable for all common locker systems, both for retrofitting as well as new systems.  


Highlights at a glance:

  • Up to 2,000 bookings can be saved
  • Audible and /or visual signal
  • Time-controlled opening checks
  • Can be mounted either vertically or horizontally
  • Blocking list for lost credentials






Wall readers control access throughout the building


Wall readers from PegaSys are genuine multi-talents. They complement electronic fittings or lock cylinders and control entry and exit. Their refined design allows them to integrate seamlessly into any environment.


Your benefits:Rolling memory for the last 2000 events and 100 system messages

  • Remote relay control in a secure area
  • Special solutions possible
  • Push-button input contact for departure function at electrically-controlled doors
  • IP 65 protection rating for use outdoors

The system is perfect for a variety of applications, such as controlling garage doors, roll-up doors, lifts, motorised doors, electric sliding doors or machine controls. The wall readers are just as suitable for indoor use as they are for outdoors.






Authorisation readers for online access control


Authorisation readers from PegaSys are the perfect solution for access control and the assignment of authorisations online. With the timeless elegance of the design, they are at home in many different styles of architecture.

Your benefits:

  • Remote relay control in secure area
  • Special solutions possible
  • Push-button input contact for departure function at electrically-operated doors
  • Combination of online and offline access control


Type two is equipped with a display and designed for indoor applications. The authorization readers are connected to the controller via the RS485 party-line interface.






OFFLINE NETWORK ON CARD® - Combinable with all PegaSys components

The OFFLINE NETWORK ON CARD® is a good solution for when changes to access rights and fluctuations in authorised persons are only rarely to be expected. It is suitable for users with different time profiles. Doors, time profiles and credentials are managed centrally on the PC with the PegaSys 3000 software.

Authorisations are written on the credentials of the users on the USB read-write device. This makes the updating of PegaSys components such as fittings, electronic lock cylinders, locker locks or wall readers largely unnecessary.

Your benefits:

  • No limit on end devices or persons
  • Easy installation
  • Centralised administration and programming
  • Maximum 1024 door groups with 16 time profiles each
  • Operation with existing credentials possible
  • Interfaces and integration of other systems such as time recording, facility management, etc.


The PegaSys 3000 software is a solution based on MS SQL for all PegaSys offline components. Multiple clients can conveniently access the database, which can be installed on any server. Optionally, up to 16 controllers and 64 authorisation readers can connect via Ethernet.






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