Normbau Allegion
NORMBAU architectural products are made to enhance the character of a ­building from the entrance to the
interior without being dominant. Clean lines, round profiles and basic geometrical designs are attrac
aesthetical features. This wide range of architectural products is a unique combination of design and unction,
a key element for the architect.
A harmonious structural building medium that suits almost any building style. Your ideal partner for specifi-
cation – all NORMBAU products are robust and conform to the highest of quality and performance.
Steel core door levers, pull handles, handrails and balustrades provide long-lasting durability. Nylon resists
against impacts, is antistatic, hygienic and impervious to weathering and UV-light. It is easy to clean and a
poor conductor of heat, so remaining pleasing and comfortable to the touch.

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NORMBAU stainless architectural hardware are performance engineered in Germany.  Only the highest grade stainless steel (A4-grade 316 Molybdenum bearing stainless steel) is used ensuring that not only do these producst look and feel superb, but can survive in the most severe environments.
The satin stainless steel finish guarantees durable brillance, it easy to clean and to disinfect.
NORMBAU combi is an ideal element for the architec. The combination of technical and aesthetical characteristics of the materials stainless steel and nylon embossed this line. The stainless steel AISI 316 used by NORMBAU shows a lot of advantages such as high anti-corrosion resistance compared to the chrome-nickel-steel used normally. The excellent properties of polyamide have led to a wide use in all areas of everyday live an technology. The products are coloured thoughout and always have a pleasant temperature to the touch..
NORMBAU nylon, a high quality polyamide,  is used by NORMBAU to produce lever sets, pull handles, sanitary fittings and bathroom accessories,  products for people with special needs, hooks, balustrades and handrails.
NORMBAU Microban® antibacterial protection TM offers a unique, effective and long-lasting protection. This special agent sets standards in all areas where hygiene ist highy important, such as hospitals and similar institutions.  Due to this agent, the bacteria effect takes place in a very sort space of time and without any residual risk.
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