• Building Solutions
Building Solutions

Understand and experience … NORMBAU‘s range of architectural hardware is perfect throughout the project. From the entrance lobby to interior doors, door handles, grab rails and window handles - these are the first points of contact within the whole project. They look attractive, and this effect exerts a positive effect on visitors and occupants. There is a wide variety of lever and


  • Comfort Solutions
Comfort Solutions

Comfortable, snug, supportive and extremely easy to operate – bathroom furniture standards have been raised. Comfort is piled into the bathroom like never before, and this is reflected in the detail of the fittings. The integrative planning approach to the project has a direct effect on bathroom planning. The private «spa» is individually defined and has become an oasis of calm.


  • Access Solutions
Access Solutions

PegaSys intelligent access control systems offer a wide selection of electronic and mechatronic access components based on state-of-the-art RFID technology. Security systems need to be flexibly adaptable to change. The workforce changes, keys are lost or they have to take structural changes into account. Wherever you need to structure and organise security in public buildings, clinics, universities


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